Meeting of the Care Culture and Decision-Making Innovation Collaborative

About this Event

Meeting focus:  Community health needs assessments as a means to activate communities in co-creating agendas to promote health and well-being. 


Core questions:

  1. What are the drivers and opportunities for community health needs assessments to activate communities to actively address community health issues, and promote population health and well-being?
  2. Promising Practices. What are illustrative examples of communities demonstrating effective and meaningful partnerships to co-create actionable community health needs assessments?
  3. How might policymakers promote best practices and alleviate barriers or perceived barriers to effective community partnerships while promoting innovation and empowering communities to identify what works in their context for assessing health needs?


Outcomes intended: Shared understanding of the promising opportunities and practices of health system and community partnerships in development of community health needs assessments, identification of barriers to development of community-engaged health needs assessments, and suggestions on ways the National Academy of Medicine might add value in addressing obstacles and facilitating the U.S. Department of the Treasury and Internal Revenue Service in issuing guidance to the field.

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