Procuring Digital Interoperability For Health Care

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The NAM Leadership Consortium will release the draft of a Special Publication entitled “Procuring Interoperability: Achieving High-Quality, Connected, and Patient-Centered Care through Strategic Acquisition” on Jan 30, 2018. The report offers appraisal of the current state of healthcare IT interoperability and provides a roadmap for health system leaders to assertively pursue interoperability across the whole continuum of care through strategic procurement mechanism.

Meeting focus: Driving healthcare interoperability through collaborative procurement strategies

Context: Consideration of the NAM Special Publication: “Procuring Interoperability: Achieving high-quality, connected, and patient-centered care through strategic acquisition specifications”

Key discussion questions:
1. Core elements. What are the core elements of digital interoperability in health and health care?
2. Status and consequences. What is the current status of digital interoperability in HIT and what are the health outcomes and efficiency consequences of the shortfalls?
3. Approaches and barriers. What are the primary approaches to advancing interoperability at the organizational and system levels, and the primary barriers to success?
4. Procurement strategy. How have digital procurement strategies worked in other industries, and how can systematic and collaborative strategies by health care organizations drive transformative interoperability for the benefit of their patients?
5. CEO and CIO leadership opportunities. What intra-organizational and system-wide collaborative activities can turn HIT purchasing strategies into a transformative tool for advancing health care safety, outcomes, and value?

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