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The Leadership Consortium (LC) held a closed meeting on April 13, 2022, aligned with the Digitial Health Action Collaborative and the Culture Inclusion Equity Action Collaborative. The discussion sought to harness stakeholder strengths, assets, and needs to enable the sharing of data locally to bolster health, well-being, equity, and community agency to answer the following motivating questions:

  • 1. Vision: What is our shared vision for community-wide data sharing? How does the sharing of local data help us achieve transformative progress in health and well-being? What are the essential elements needed to achieve this vision?
  • 2. Barriers: What are the current technical, organizational, regulatory, and societal/cultural barriers to building community capacity and empowerment to share cross-sector data for local health needs?
  • 3. Achieving Progress: What are the necessary conditions and elements to forging strong, multi-directional pathways to enable data sharing among community partners for better health and health care?

This meeting was held to inform a potential NAM activity aimed at developing a community-wide data-sharing framework that fosters continuous engagement, learning, and improvement for health, well-being, and equity.

If you have any questions please reach out to Noor Ahmed at MAhmed@nas.edu and Asia Williams at AsWilliams@nas.edu.

Please find the presentations and the meeting highlights under the resources.

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