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The meeting of the Working Group on Technologies to Enhance Person, Family, & Community Engagement, an undertaking of the Care Culture and Decision-Making Innovation Collaborative, took place on January 17, 2019. If you would like more information, please contact Anna Cupito at acupito@nas.edu.

Meeting Focus: Convening of the NAM Working Group on Technologies to Enhance Person, Family, & Community Engagement

Motivating questions:
1. Purposes: What is the potential for technologies to advance equity and the empowerment of persons, families, and communities in health and healthcare? What is the potential for technologies to tactically enhance the equitable personalization and quality of medical decisions?
2. Practices: Which examples best illustrate transferable lessons on how to achieve success and avoid harm?
3. Strategies: What core tenets and resulting interdisciplinary actions are necessary to build a future environment of equitable, technology-enabled, participatory health and healthcare?
4. Improvements: What gaps and issues need to be urgently acted upon to avoid harm and achieve progress, and what stakeholders or disciplines must be involved in this action?

Outcomes anticipated: Engagement of the full range of front-line leadership, resources, and partnerships for the creation of an equitable health system in which technology enables seamless engagement of patients, families, clinicians, and community resources as partners on behalf of transformative progress in health and health care.

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